Exchange driver license effectively

Exchange driver license effectively

Hillerød C Køreskole is professional International driving school. We work with foreign students.
We teach in English and have extensive experience and good results in completing the driving test and are helpful when you need to exchange driver license easily, quickly and efficiently.
Even if you live in Copenhagen, there is a great advantage in driving and taking the driving test in Hillerød.
Hillerød is no bigger than we know all the “difficult” places. Likewise, we train your orientation and location along the way, so you are ready for the driving test required for your driving license conversion.

If you have to exchange driver license from a foreign license to a Danish driving license, we are specialized in driving license conversion and often assist clients that want to exchange driver license. We are the obvious choice for your driving license conversion.

Testimonial Exchange driver license

Partha Roy

After having 35 lessons *(35*2= 70 classes, yes you are reading right ) with a previous driving school and being unsuccessful many time in the practical exam , I was completely frustrated and decide to change my school and finally did that.

My new Instructor Jan from Hillerød C Køreskole, would like to give a massive thanks, I had some lessons with Jan and realized just how much I hadn’t been taught previously even previous instructor (desi instructor ) did not teach me tricky basic which is very important to pass.
In just a few lessons Jan made me more confident in my driving and helped me to learn everything I need to know and understand to be a safe driver!! He is super supportive and knowledgeable and overall just a fabulous person!!! 100% recommend Jan and his Hillerød C Køreskole. Just go for only one lesson, I am sure you will feel the difference.

Aysen Karaca
Engineer, Novo

“I would highly recommend Hillerød C Driving School.
After two unsuccessful driving tests at a driving school in Copenhagen, I called the Hillerød C Driving School. It was the owner of the school Jan Oppermann who took the phone. After I talked to him I was in no doubt. Jan had a good package at the right price and took care of everything practical in an easy and comfortable way.

I had 1½ hours of driving a few days before the practical test, where Jan reviewed the various rules for orientation and location on the road.
I passed the practical test without any problems, and I can thank Jan for that.
May I recommend him warmly to anyone who must have exchanged their driver license”.

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The procedure to exchange driver license

We have learned that the best way to help you pass the test for driving license conversion is to guide you through the following steps. Our experience is that a major percentage of applicants pass the process when being guided this way. Our goal is to make it easy for you to exchange driver license.

You need to have a Passport/driving license photo.
Format 35mmx45mm. Head between 30-36 mm from chin tip to hair top.
We advise you to go to a photoshop and have the image made there, in order to have all details right.

You have to have a medical examination, so your doctor can issue a health certificate. (in Danish “Lægeattest”).
Remember to bring your photo to your doctor. Your doctor has to confirm that it is you on the picture. Health certificate and your photo will be placed in a sealed envelope. The seal must be unbroken.

3. Now you visit us, and you bring:

The envelope from your doctor.
Danish issued identification with your personal identification number.
Passport with work/residence permit, if you are not legally a resident in Denmark.
Your current driving license (if it is not in English, French or German, you must bring a certified translation in English).

At our meeting, you have to fill out your application for the exchange of your foreign driving license conversion. We will guide you through this process and make sure that you will be eligible to exchange driver license.

We will now bring you to Borgerservice office, where you will have your application accepted.
You will be issued a temporary driving license, valid for a period of 6 months.
During that period, you are required to pass both the theoretical and the practical examination.

In order to pass the examination, you need to study with a certified driving school, who can assist you, teach you, and prepare you.

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Exams for driving license conversion

The theory test/examination

We will assist you in the online registration for the theory test.
After you have been working with the theory test for 2-4 weeks you are ready for the official theory test/examination.

In case you fail the test, there is a police fee for each additional re-take.
Theory instruction is in English online.
The theory test is in Danish and you have an interpreter who translates for you.
You are required to pass the test to exchange driver license.

The Practical test/examination
Once you have passed the theory test, you sign up for a driving lesson.
Even though that you have previous driving experience, it will be a good idea to have at least one lesson so we can assess your skills and determine if you are ready for the practical test/examination.

Just as in the theory test, in case you fail the practical test, there is a police fee for each additional re-take.
Driving instruction takes place in English in one of the school cars.
The driving test is in Danish and you have an interpreter who translates for you.
You are required to pass the test to exchange driver license.

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